Via Ferrata – Penya Figueret

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May 15, 2018
Via Ferrata – Kandersteig / Allmenalp
July 19, 2018

The Via Ferrata (Climbing Path, Klettersteig) Penya Figueret is well equiped and super nice! The line and access to it as well the abseiling is fun.

Take about 30 minutes for the access / 1h for the climb and 30 minutes for the way down. Great Via Ferrata with a nice vertical climb of about 120m, walk along the top and finally abseiling for 30m (bring at least a 60m rope). Important the Via Ferrata is only open from 1st of June till 31st of December, do not climb the path between 1st of January till 31st of May! Keep the spirit and respect the rules.

Great Via Ferrata with 120m of vertical climb, easy and very secure. Abseiling necessary bring a 60m rope. 5 Stars

Difficulty Level: K2 or suitable for beginner great afternoon for experienced.

Coordinates: 38° 35' 07" N / 0° 19' 59" W


  1. jwjanse says:

    Hi Jerome,

    Thanks for sharing this useful information, we are planning on doing several via ferrata in september this year around Alicante. One question I have is where to rent via ferrata climbing gear (belt, helmet, safety line, carabiners). Do you know any addresses in/around Alicante for this?


    • Jérôme says:

      In Calpe there is a climbing store that also rent stuff. Another real climbing store is in La Nucia called La Gruta! Very friendly and in the heart of many climbing and via ferrata routes.

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