New Van – Fiat Ducato L3H3

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August 4, 2020
Fiat Ducato – The Size Inside
September 10, 2020

New Van – Fiat Ducato L3H3

My new (Camper) Van has finally arrived. I ordered the van in September 2019 and it arrived thanks to Covid-19 in July 2020. A whopping 4 Month delay due the shutdown in Italy.

Interested to watch the pick up in Alicante? Here we go!

Options recommended when building a Campervan:

– 081 / Centralised Car Electronics
– 077 / Double suspension in the back
– 297 / Individual Passenger Seat
– 454 / Passenger seat adjustable in height
– 50E / Plastic cover for the seats

All other options are up to you. 🙂

Stay tuned for more videos how I build the camper van in not boring details.


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  2. […] excuses of Covid-19 we need to wait for a long time to deliver the car again (last time we waited 9 Month for the Fiat Ducato). The good thing is the build will not take that long as I already started and received most of the […]

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