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Alpicool – G22
October 24, 2021
Alpicool – G22
October 24, 2021

Long time since my last post here on La Vida es Dura. In the meantime I received the new Ford Transit L2 H2 Trail and after 5 weeks of building I hit the road for a new adventure. The new build is great and has already been proven to be solid and practical. Feeling great and the shorter version was a great decision with the smaller wheelbase it is also much nicer to drive and navigate

Here are a few technical data:

  • Ford Transit L2H2
  • 130PS Mild Hybrid
  • Build for tWo
  • Autoterm 2kw Diesel Heater, connected to the main tank
  • 640W of Solar with High Voltage Solar Cells from Wattstunde
  • 16kwh Lifepo4 Custom Cells / 48V
  • 6kw Smart Solar from Victron
  • 90 Liter of fresh water with Carbon and UV Filter
  • 5 Liter of Hot Water right under the sink with smart socket
  • Induction Cook Top
  • Microwave and Grill
  • Dimmable LED
  • Reading Lights
  • USB A and C Sockets for direct charging your laptop and tablet
  • 230V Sockets
  • Outdoor Shower
  • Sonos 5 – Sound System
  • Composting Toilet from Trelino Wood
  • Custom Mattress (super comfy) and custom upholstery
  • Security System Build in with Camera, Sensors and GPS
  • Insulated from the bottom to the top

It has been built in 5 weeks from an empty van to start traveling, around 6 hours a day.

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