Alpicool – G22

Ford Transit Trail L2H2
August 1, 2021
LVED Camper tWo
May 31, 2022

For my new camper van project based on the Ford Transit L2H2 I decided to go with a compressor cooler instead of a household fridge. The reason for using a cooler instead of a fridge is following

  • Use less space
  • Have more useable space then in a normal fridge (stacking)
  • Remove it easily
  • No rattling and moving stuff when driving

The design and quality is really nice, the price is superb and it worked very well. However I sent it back because the purpose to have an ice cube tray that only works when the complete cooler is set to below zero misses the whole purpose.

I ordered another Alpicool cooler which will be reviewed later. Stay tuned for more as the van should arrive in 2 weeks…

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